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Eastern Pine
Pinus Strobus
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Pine, Eastern

Origin: Eastern White Pine is found in North and Central America, extending from Eastern Canada to the mountains of Guatemala.

Color: The sapwood is usually wide and creamy white in color. The heartwood is a light brown, sometimes found with a red hue and brown streaking. The color tends to darken with age.

Janka Hardness: 380 (soft). Hardness is similiar to Basswood.

Decay and Weather Resistance: Pine is rated low in durability and as moderate to low in decay resistance.

Workability: Eastern Pine is one of the softer wood species; this makes it an easy wood to work with by both hand and machine tools. It dries easily and quickly. It does not turn well, extremely sharp tools are necessary if used to turn. It glues and finishes well.

Uses :Eastern White Pine has a wide variety of uses including furniture, millwork, carving, and boatbuilding.


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