Inventory - Species:
English Elm
Ulmus procera

Origin: Our English Elm is a European Elm that was grown on the American West Coast.

Color: English Elm has a distinguished creamy white sapwood and golden brown heartwood. Wood slabs have great character because of its distinctive grain patterns.

Janka Hardness: 810 (medium)

Decay and Weather Resistance: English Elm is not rated as decay resistant and is susceptible to insect attack. Living trees are susceptible to Dutch elm disease; often you will find English Elm slabs with holes from where the tree was once injected with treatment.

Workability: English Elm glues, stains, and finishes well. English Elm does well with steam bending and will hold nails and screws well.

Uses: When properly dried, English Elm is a very stable wood making it ideal for furniture making, especially large Nakashima style tables.


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Elm, English
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