Inventory - Species:
prunus serotina

Origin: Cherry is found in Eastern North America

Color: Cherry has a light to dark reddish brown heartwood and will darken with exposure to sunlight.. The sapwood is much lighter in color and most woodworkers consider it a defect. Sometimes it can be found with a curly grain.

Janka Hardness: 950 (medium) Similiar in Hardness to Soft Maple.

Decay and Weather Resistance: The heartwood has moderate resistance to decay.

Workability: Cherry is known as being one of the best all-around woods for workability. It is stable, generally straight-grained, and easy to work with machine tools. You may have difficulty if the wood is being stained, as it can sometimes give blotchy results, but usually finishes well with clear finishes.

Uses: Nearly all cherry is used for furniture, millwork, or veneer. Much of Cherry is used for making fine furniture, generally the traditional styles such as Shaker, Chippendale, or Queen Anne.


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