Inventory - Species:
Pterocarpus Soyauxii
Available in:
5/4 16/4 or thicker
(1 ¼") (4"+)
(select desired thickness)


Origin: Padauk is found on the Ivory Coast of Africa, Congo, Cameroon, and Nigeria.

Color: The sapwood is white when freshly cut, but will quickly turn to a brownish yellow or gray. The heartwood is a vibrant red-orange when cut, but darkens with exposure to light to a reddish brown. The grain is usually straight, but can sometimes be interlocked.

Janka Hardness: 1725 (hard)

Decay and Weather Resistance: Durable to very durable rot resistance. It is also reportedly resistant to termites and other insects.

Workability: Padauk is overall easy to work with and planes to a very smooth finish. It glues well and takes an excellent finish. It saws well but a carbide blade and slow feed rate is recommended.

Uses: Because of its durability and dent resistance, Padauk is ideal for flooring. The majority of the wood is made into veneer but it is also used for guitars, fine furniture, cabinets, and turnings.


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