Inventory - Species:
Black Walnut
juglans nigra

Origin:  Black walnut, also known as American Walnut, is found primarily in the Eastern part of the United States.

Color:  The heartwood of Black Walnut is a rich chocolate brown, occcasionally with darker, sometimes purplish, streaking. The sapwood is an off-white to tan color, but with steaming it can be made nearly as dark as the heartwood.

Janka Hardness:  1010 (medium-hard) - slightly harder than Cherry.

Decay and Weather Resistance:  Rated as very durable in regard to decay resistance and is relatively resistant to fungus and insect attack.

Workability: Black Walnut works easily with hand tools and machining. It is known to be very stable once kiln-dried. Black Walnut will glue, stain, and finish well; it also responds well to steam bending.


Uses: Because of its beautiful color, ease of workability, and stability, Black Walnut is still one of the most popular American woods for furniture making. It is also widely used for gun stocks since it is lightweight and has good shock resistance. Black Walnut is an excellent wood for turning, veneer, cabinetry, and molding.


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Walnut, Black
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